Introducing InsightAI

If you could read the minds of everyone in your organization, what would you ask them?

NaTural Language Chatbot

Have real conversations with your customers.

Real-Time Usage Dashboard

See how your campaign is performing in real-time.

Prioritized ACTIONS Delivered

Focus on what that matters most to your organization.

InsightAI's topic modeling automatically groups your user's responses, so you know what matters to your audience, and what you should focus on now!

Say Goodbye to surveys

Ten questions in ten minutes, and your user can take the ChatBot home with them. InsightAI works on any browser, on any device, and even through SMS.

Want to ask a follow-up question? No problem! InsightAI can continue the conversation any time.

When was the last time you enjoyed taking a survey? Let's just have a conversation!

Scale your Agile R&D

Deploy InsightAI's ChatBot to supercharge your research and development efforts and build a product your customers really want.

Let's face it, research is time consuming and resource intensive. Let our ChatBot do the legwork, so you can focus on what matters – making decisions and building your product.

Read our Agile R&D Whitepaper

Get the right people working together

InsightAI not only groups topics, but groups people, too. When you get inspired people working on a common problem they share, great things happen.

InsightAI is a product of BMNT